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Born in Australia.
Vocalist, violinist, songwriter, copywriter, translator.
Multilingual who speaks English, Japanese, Italian and Latin.
“Australia now” goodwill ambassador and a supporter of “Kyushu National Museum”.

Starting at the age of 5, he started to play violin and his talent was discovered by Perry Hart, a high-caliber disciple of Simon Goldberg (celebrated violinist who at the tender age of 20 became Concertmaster for the Berlin Philharmonic) and he studied under him.
Studied under Vanda Viukomirska at the Sydney Conservatory of Music. He graduated from Sydney University with High Distinction (highest point) and studied at Tokyo University.
It has been scientifically demonstrated that its voice over 3 octaves contains a healing effect called “Fluctuations of 1/f”. He is also a synesthete whose sound is visible in color.


Studied at Tokyo University.
The English version of his creative picture book “Ole d’Alé” “Who? Me!”, which he translated into (published by Kodansha) Japanese, was exhibited at a picture book fair in Bologna, Italy, and distributed to children around the world as part of Mitsubishi Corporation’s social contribution activities.

Charge of the vocals of the game software “Xenoblade” ending theme song “Beyond the Sky” (Composed by Yasunori Mitsuda).

Debuted as a major band from Universal Music. All of the released albums topped the charts.

Charge of vocal English lyrics of the ending theme song “The Final Time Traveler” (Composed by Eijo Sakamoto) of the game software “Time Travelers”. This song will be performed with Yuzuru Hanyu. Later, his music was used for the Grand Prix Final and exhibition of the World Championship.
She also actively participated in volunteer activities and wrote lyrics and sang the theme song for supporting para-sports projects, “Dream As One”.

Participated in David Foster’s Disney Special Anniversary Album “We Love Disney”.
Appeared in the 28 th Sennyu-ji Temple “Kyoto Onstage”.
“Taiyo no Ie” recited the national anthem to herself in front of Their Majesties the Retired Emperor and Empress at the ceremony marking the 50 year anniversary.
Bocelli and duet on Andrea Bocelli’s album “Cinema: The Story of Eternal Love”.

From April, she appeared regularly for 2 years as a native guest of NHK “Basic English for Adults”.
Andrea Bocelli appeared as a special guest at the CINEMA WORLD TOUR in Japan, and performed with a duet.
Appeared on TEDxUTokyo and announced “meaningful silence”.

Katsuhisa HATTORI “Ongaku Batake” made a guest appearance at a string concert.
Appeared in the 30 Kinkaku-ji “Kyoto Otobutai”.
Sing both the Japanese and English versions of the theme song from the Moomin movie “Moomin Valley and Winter Wonderland”.

In the NHK Taiga Drama ‘Sego Don’, she sang a song during the play “My hometown” and “Sego Don Kiko – Satsuma-hen”.
Performed with Pobo Bryson on her album “Timeless” in “Beauty and the Beast”.

Sing the main theme song of the anime “Yakusoku-no Neverland” (Composed by Takahiro Obata).
Appeared in the NHK drama ‘Fujoshi ukkari gei ni kokuru.’ and made her debut as an actress.
Collaborated with Secret Garden’s album ‘Storyteller’.
Performed for the first time in Europe at the Milan Verdi Theater in Italy, attracting audiences.
At the “Sarah Àlainn Symphonic Concert 2019” held at the Suntory Hall, he wrote the entire script and stage production.
Appeared in the 32 Ninna-ji “Kyoto Otobutai”.
Sing the 2019 Rugby World Cup theme song “World in Union” (A solo version and a duet version with Emily Sunday.) as the theme song of the sports news program of the British broadcasting station “ITV”.