Secret Garden and Sarah Àlainn collaborated!

Award-winning collaboration between Norwegian/Irish duo ‘Secret Garden’ and Sarah Àlainn!
“Sunshine (feat.Sarah Àlainn)” Digital release distribution is in progress!
The Japanese lyrics of Sunshine were written by Sarah Àlainn.


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*Secret Garden
A unit of Norwegian composer Ralph Lavland and Irish violinist Finnula Shelley. It stems from a longstanding desire to create music with simple expressions for Ralph, a leader in Norwegian music. Finnula is a partner whom I met in order to realize a relaxing music with beautiful melodies and harmonies that reminds me of nature. Finnura was an artist who was involved in the production of music by Van Morrison and Sinnard O’Connor while working in the orchestra of the Irish national broadcasting station. In 1994, she released her debut album ‘Songs from a Secret Garden’. The gentle sound that retains the smell of traditional music is popular.