Katherine Jenkins and Sarah Àlainn's duet will be released!

Together with the world's most famous mezzo-soprano Katherine Jenkins, Sarah Àlainn sang a duet of Ryuichi Sakamoto's "Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence". The must-listen duet is included in Katherine Jenkins' latest album, Cinema Paradiso!

Cinema Paradiso
Filled with wonderful songs that conjure up the beloved scenes from world-renowned films.

Cinema Paradiso

Track Featuring Sarah Àlainn
Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence (Somewhere Far Away)
(From Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence)

Please click here for information and the tracklist in Japanese.

Title: Cinema Paradiso
Artist: Katherine Jenkins (mezzo-soprano) and Others
Release Date: 2020.7.29 (Wed)
Price: ¥2,800+tax (JPY)
Label: Universal Music
Katherine Jenkins Official Webpage: