Premium Silk Mask/Premium Live Stream Winners Announced!

Those who purchased Premium Silk Mask at SARAH ÀLAINN Symphonic CONCERT 2021 were in the running to win an exclusive chance to hear Sarah perform a song of your request song just for you via live stream!!

Congratulations to the winners! And thank you to all those who purchased Premium Silk Mask

Please check the lottery number on the back of the package
01. mG2MLNPT
02. V9qLYcJN
03. u5GQwR3P
04. g6NpBYAw
05. t2BWmKS7
06. K7eURTH4
07. iD8dVGF3
08. Q3ympURT
09. gH58Xpde
10. wP9zqWY7

Premium Live Stream
5pm JST 20 June 2021
From an exclusive Instagram account
※only winners will be notified and can view the live stream

Please send the following details to the address below
Reply by
23:59 JST Thurs. 10 June
・a photo of the the winning lottery numberマスクの袋にある抽選番号の写真
・song of you’d like to request
・your Instagram user name
Send here

Live Stream Guidelines
※Live stream will be held from an exclusive account
 Winners will be directly notified account details
※Please refrain from changing your user name
※Live stream will not be archived
※Live stream recommends using a dedicated internet connection. Please make sure you check your connection before the event ※Abusive behaviour will not be tolerated, upon which the live stream will be terminated at once