Vocalist, violinist, multi-instrumentalist, composer, copywriter, radio and TV host. Sarah has a vocal range spanning over 3 octaves, and she has both perfect pitch and synesthesia (she sees sound as colours).

 Originally from Sydney, Sarah began the violin, studying under Perry Hart, the star pupil of Szymon Goldberg who at the age of 20 became the concertmaster for the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra. Winning domestic competitions she soon gained recognition for her talents and enrolled at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and graduated with a High Distinction from the University of Sydney, and was inducted to the ‘Golden Key International Honour Society’ for her academic achievements. She was one out of 25 students selected to study at the University of Tokyo, representing Australia.

 Sarah’s debut as a singer began with Beyond the Sky, the ending theme to the game Xenoblade Chronicles, composed by Yasunori Mitsuda. She has since been actively involved in singing and writing lyrics for games. Sarah collaborated with Olympic gold medalist, figure skater Yuzuru Hanyu with The Final Time Traveler from the game Time Travelers. Yuruzu Hanyu also used the song during his exhibition program.

 In 2012 Sarah was signed to Universal Music Japan (Classical & Jazz) and all her albums have reached #1 on the Japanese charts. Sarah worked together with 16 time Grammy Award winning record producer David Foster on the Disney special anniversary album We Love Disney, singing Colors of the Wind from Pocahontas. Sarah has also recorded and performed with Andrea Bocelli, the Vienna Boys’Choir, Secret Garden, Ludovico Einaudi, Katherine Jenkins and Peabo Bryson.

 Sarah has also performed the Japanese National Anthem in front of the Emperor and Empress of Japan, and the Royal Family, Prince and Princess Akishino.

 Sarah was chosen to sing the theme song Bring The Snow in both English and Japanese to the feature film Moomins and The Winter Wonderland, and was chosen to sing the theme on NHK’s Taiga-series Segodon. Rececently, she sang for the animated popular manga series The Promised Neverland. Her composition for string orchestra Shadows of Time was used in the short film promoting the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Gunkanjima (Sites of Japan’s Meiji Industrial Revolution: Iron and Steel, Shipbuilding and Coal Mining) which won the Lumier Japan Award 2015.

 Sarah has hosted TV programs including NHK 'Kiso Eigo for Adult Learners’ (an English- teaching show) and currently co-hosts with Kabuki actor Kataoka Ainosuke, NHK WORLD’s Kabuki Kool. She also hosts her weekly radio program Peace of Mind~Saturday mornings with Sarah Àlainn on Tokyo FM/FM Osaka. She has been invited to speak at TEDxUTokyo (TEDx event hosted by The University of Tokyo), where she spoke about 'Meaningful Silences’, and she has also appeared as a guest lecturer at the Tokyo University of the Arts. She has also appeared as a guest commentator on news programs (TV Asahi Hodo Station, FUJI TV Waidona Sho).

 She was also an English copywriter at M&CSAATCHI (Japan branch) and has written slogans for companies including Mitsubishi Corporation and Japan Airlines. Sarah is actively involved in supporting parasport initiatives. Her song Dream As One is a parasports theme song in Japan. As part of Mitsubishi Corporation’s socio-cultural initiatives, Sarah’s English translation of the picture book Who? Me! is being delivered to children around the world. Her editorial columns were serialised in the Tokyo Papers.

 Sarah was inaugurated as a Good Will Ambassador for the Australian Government presented Australia now program, and is also an ambassador to the Kyushu National Museum. Sarah made her acting debut on NHK’s late night TV series Fujoshi, Ukkari Gei Ni Kokoru. She held her European debut concert at the Verdi Theatre in Busseto, Italy in 2019.

 Sarah performed the Australian anthem at the Bledisloe Cup (rugby match between the Wallabies and All Blacks), as well both the Japanese and Australian national anthems at the IBAF women’s baseball World Cup. Sarah recorded the 2019 Rugby World Cup anthem World in Union with Emeli Sandé as the tournament kicked off in Japan. The duet was played throughout the tournament on ITV (UK).

 Sarah directs/produces/stages her own solo shows, including her Symphonic Concert at Suntory Hall and ‘Cinema Music’, the Live Blu-Ray/DVD which reached #1 on the Japanese classical charts. She is also a member of La Diva (a unit featuring 4 of Japan’s top-selling female artists including Ayaka Hirahara, Ryoko Moriyama, Seiko Niizuma), and Millennial Fair (a band lead by composer Yasunori Mitsuda performing his works from game music including Chrono Cross).

 In 2020, she is due to perform with Josh Groban and record a duet with Katherine Jenkins for her upcoming album Cinema Paradiso. Sarah’s best of album Timeless currently in stores now.

- updated 8 March. 2020

Past Works


  • NHK Taiga Drama 『Segodon』(Vocals)
  • JAL presents FUJI TV『Soratabi Wo Anatae -PREMIUM SKY-』~「Sky’s Calling」(Vocals・lyrics・composition)
  • ITV 「World In Union」(Vocals)
  • NHK Drama10『Okaasan、Musume wo Yameteiidesuka?』~ 「Little Doll」(Vocals・lyrics)
  • Nihon TV『Black Revenge』~「Yami Ni Saku Hana ~The Catastrophe~」(Vocals・Violin)
  • Tokai TV『Shin・Botan to Bara』~「Namida no Aria」(Vocals)
  • TV Tokyo 『Ikegami Akira no Gendaishi wo Aruku』~「Tomorrow’s Memory」 (Vocals・lyrics)
  • NHK BS『Sono Otoko, Ishiki Takaikei』~「Shine!」(Vocals・lyrics)


  • NHK World『KABUKI KOOL』(Host)
  • NHK E TV 『Otonano Kiso Eigo』2 シーズン(Host)
  • NHK Late Night Drama『Fujoshi, Ukkari Gay Ni Kokuru』(Actress)
  • TVQ Kyushu『太宰府 九博 散歩道』(Host)
  • Seiko presents『TIME is LIFE』 など

Game Music

  • Nintendo『Xenoblade Chronicles』~ 「Beyond the Sky」(Vocals)
  • Level 5『Time Travelers』~「The Final Time Traveler」(English Lyrics・Vocals)
  • SEGA『Valkyria Revolution』(Vocals・lyrics)
  • Square Enix『Fortune Tellers Academy』~「Glory」(Vocals・lyrics)


  • 『The Promised Neverland』~「Isabella’s Theme」(Vocals)


  • 『Moomins and the Winter Wonderland』~ 「Bring the Snow」(Japanese and English vers.)
  • 『Taiyo wo Aishita Hito~1964 Ano Hi No Paralympic~』~「Taiyo wo Aishita Hito ~Main Theme」(Vocals・lyrics)
  • Gunkanjima World Heritage Promo Movie「Shadows Of Time」 (Composition・ Arrangement・Violin・Vocals) ADVANCED IMAGING SOCIETY Lumier Japan Award 2015 Nominated

TV/Internet Ad

  • Sanwa Shutter「Haven」(Vocals・lyrics)
  • DMG Mori Seiki 「Animus」(Violin・Composition)
  • Nivea 「Always With You」(Vocals)
  • POLA BA (Music Director・Co-wrote rap lyrics)
  • mrt 「You Are The Sunshine of My Life」(Vocals)


  • TOKYO FM とFM OH! Regular DJ personality「Peace of Mind ~Saturday mornings with Sarah Àlainn 」(DJ and scriptwriter)

Sarah Àlainn Discography

  • Celeste
  • f
  • Anima
  • Cinema Music
  • Timeless (Best of Album)

Discography feat. Sarah Àlainn

  • Vienna Boys’ Choir『Merry Christmas From Vienna』~ O Holy Night, Silent Night
  • David Foster『We Love Disney』~ Colors of the Wind
  • Andrea Bocelli『Cinema』~ No llores por mi argentina
  • Secret Garden『Story Teller』~ Sunshine (Japanese lyrics by Sarah Àlainn)
  • Yasunori Mitsuda & Millenial Fair『Chrono Trigger & Chrono Cross Arrange Album』
  • Katherine Jenkins 『Cinema Paradiso』~ Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence
  • SING LIKE TALKING『Yami Ni Saku Hana ~The Catastrophe~feat.サラ・オレイン』

Collaboration with Overseas Artists

  • Andrea Bocelli・David Foster・Secret Garden・Katherine Jenkins・Ludovico Einaudi・ Forte di Quattro・Vienna Boys Choir・Josh Groban (to be announced)

Ambassador to

  • Australia Now Goodwill Australia
  • Ambassador to the Kyushu National Musuem
  • Ambassador to ‘Gvido’ (E-score)