4th April SARAH ÀLAINN Symphonic Concert 2021 returns!

“SARAH ÀLAINN Symphonic Concert 2021” produced and directed by Sarah Àlainn, returns to Suntory Hall!
Live Streaming tickets available for overseas viewers!

Please sit back and enjoy the show from Suntory Hall or from the comforts of your home!

Concert & Live Streaming
■Date and Time: Sunday, April 4th, 2021 17:30 START (Doors open 16:30)
■Performers: Sarah Àlainn (Vocals / Violin), Orie Suzuki (Conductor), Tokyo City Philharmonic Orchestra 
■ Venue: Suntory Hall, Main Hall

■ Ticket: S ¥9,000 A ¥7,000(All reserved seats / tax included)
-Ticket PIA 【P-code: 192-348】
-LAWSON TICKET 【L-code: 70791】
-Suntory Hall Ticket Center
-Ticket Port Online

■Live Streaming Ticket: ¥3,500 (With NO Archive)
-Ticket PIA
About PIA LIVESTREAMING  *Only available in Japanese

■ Inquiries regarding the event:  *Only available in Japanese